August 21, 2009

New release of FormStateKeeper

I just made a new release of the FormStateKeeper - earlier known as FormStateSaver, but hey, a naming change is also a way of binging in something new ;-). Most important news for this version is support for ASP.NET MVC. As the source code has grown from a small hack to a nice little project, I also moved it from MSDN Code Gallery to Codeplex.

For those who don’t know FormStateKeeper: It is a small HttpModule that will assist in the scenario where the user looses all the contents of the web page form fields when redirected to the login page. This will typically happen using forms authentication if an authentication timeout happens before the user submits the form. FormStateKeeper prevents this by intercepting the http post the user makes just before being redirected to the login page. It then stores the posted field values, and recreates them just before the user is being redirected to the original page.

FormStateKeeper has a small footprint of one .dll file an one line in the web.config file.

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