September 10, 2008

My toolbox

After finishing my new developer PC, it was time for the software part. Here are my must-have applications that I installed right away:

Office 2007
... and a billion service packs and hotfixes ;-)

Visual Studio .NET 2008
Of course.

Consolas font
I just have to read all code with this font.

Ghost Doc
This is a controversial product, as it can be used to auto generate code comments with absolutely no information in it, except what can be gathered from the method- or property name. I use it like I use the code snippet feature in VS.NET - to provide a quick template that I then fill out with relevant information.

Great in many ways when doing TDD or unit tests in general. The ability to right-click on a test method and choosing Run Test is just brilliant, useful and simple.

Acrobat Reader
Can't read without it.

Windows Live Writer
Can't blog without it.

Google Talk
Mostly as an email notifier, and I have friends who prefer this IM channel.

My text editor of choice.

Delicious buttons
This is just a great way of organizing and sharing your bookmarks.

Keeps track of what I did on my computer yesterday, last week or whenever. Because I can never rember. And I have timesheets to do.

VMware workstation
My virtualization product of choice. Even though HyperV look interesting...

This is a sleek, fast and free archiver.

Superb image editor. Amazing that a quality product like this is free.

The scripting platform of the future. Get it today.

SyncToy 2.0
I use it to synchronize my central documents with my USB pen drive.


  1. i am surprised that i don't see resharper or reflector on your list

  2. Arr, you are right... Actually I abandoned Resharper some versions ago, but I will try it out again right away. Reflector: Not on my every day tool-list, but I use it regularly.

  3. I'd switch Acrobat Reader for Foxit Reader any day: