July 29, 2008

Spoolsv.exe causing massive CPU load

My Lenovo T60 is running hot. Very hot. This seems to be a known problem with this model as several colleges are experiencing the same. If the CPU is loaded constantly above 50%, the temperature rises to dangerous levels.

Standard development work like I do should not give a constant CPU load like this, so I Process Explored a bit... In my case the guilty one was the spooler service (spoolsvc.exe). It just went mad with a constant 40-50% CPU load for no apparent reason (I was not printing!). It seems that if some print job went wrong long time ago, some remains of it can stay in the spooler, even after restarts.

So, my simple workaround was a batch file that stops the spooler service, clears it and starts it again:

net stop spoolerdel c:\windows\system32\spool\printers\. /F /Qnet start spooler

Maybe I should put it in Autorun...

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