January 16, 2008

I'm a VMware convert...

My work involves doing a lot of proof of concept work, as well as moving between various projects. Desktop virtualization is the key for me here. I use one virtual machine per project, and several for testing.

Until recently, I used Microsoft Virtual PC, but VMware won me over for a couple of reasons:
  • The snapshot and cloning features.
  • If your host PC have multi-core CPU, so can your virtual machines.
  • Multi monitor support (yes, your virtual machines can run multi-montor).
  • Better network features.
  • Easy to convert my old VPC images. 
  • It just seems to run better and to be a more mature product (no hard evidence here, just a gut feeling).
Converting my existing VPC's was a little tricky at first - you need to start them up in MS VPC and uninstall the Virtual Machine Additions and then shut down the guest OS. Secondly, VMware Converter (free) does a lot better conversion job than the converters build into VMware Player and VMware Workstation.

After converting I fired up each virtual machines in VMware workstation and installed VMware extensions on the guest os.

Now my virtual machines are running perfectly.

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