November 20, 2007

Simple screengrabber that works

I finally found the time to find myself a decent screen grabber. Took a look at Scott Hanselmans tools list and tried out Window Clippings. This one is a simple yet powerful screen grabber. To get any serious use out of it, the full version is required (at only 10$, no need to hesitate to long).

It did, however, take me some time before I realized how to grab tool tips, menus, highlighted items and such. Turned out to be quite simple (of course):

First, set up the Window Clippings to have a small delay before capturing:

Also enable capturing of the mouse cursor if preferred. Now you just have to:
  • Bring up the window to be captured
  • Start the capture
  • Select your window and double click to capture - the trick is that this is not yet final.
  • Quickly bring up the desired menu, tool tip or whatever. You see the countdown in the lower right part of the screen.
  • Countdown = zero, your capture is done, including menus etc.

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